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Software Update: Friday 4th November 2022

On Friday, we're updating OneFile Enrol with some new features:



  •  Performance improvement for loading the employers dashboard 
  •  An improvement to the employer key contact - When an email address on the employers key contact is changed a new keychain will be created and the old account is removed.
    If the keychain does not exist before being changed in enrolment, an email will be sent to the address allowing the user to setup their keychain, once setup, the keychain account will be available to login to enrolment. The old account will be removed from the other keychain and no longer have access to enrolment. This does not delete the keychain, it only removes the enrol account off the keychain. 
  •  Added a new eye icon to the review forms table. This will display the form at any stage of the workflow. 
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