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On Saturday morning, we're carrying out server maintenance. 

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How does the BKSB integration work?

Once the integration has been enabled you'll need to wait up to 24 hours (or overnight) for OneFile to download all of the user data from BKSB. When new learners are found, OneFile will automatically match the learners in both systems, where the email address in both systems match. When a learner is matched, their assessment data will instantly be displayed on the BKSB page of the learner's portfolio. The learners email address must be verified. 

The table below explains all of the automated processed and their frequency.

Get BKSB Users
Find new users or updated to users on BKSB and syncs their information to OneFile
Once a day (Overnight)
Match BKSB Users
Automatically matches users in both systems, where the email address in both systems are identical
Once a day (Overnight)
Get BKSB Assessments
Imports new assessment results and updates to existing assessments from BKSB
Once a day (Overnight)

For diagnostic purposes, a new report titled "BKSB Unmatched" has been added to the Diagnostics section of the Centre Managers report page.

The first section of the report shows all OneFile learners that haven't been matched to a learner in BKSB. The second section of the report shows all BKSB learners that haven't been matched to a learner in OneFile. 

To instigate a match, you must add/change the email address of the learner on one of the two systems, so that they are identical. If the email address is changed in BKSB, it will require another "Get BKSB Users" overnight update for this to be picked up in OneFile. If the email address is changed in OneFile, the match will be picked up in the next "Match BKSB Users" daily update.

BKSB Databridge

If your centre is currently using the databridge integration, please contact BKSB for advise before enabling the API integration.

Multiple Centre

The integration does work for customers who have multiple OneFile centres. When this is the case, enter the same API Key and Token when enabling the integration

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